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March 16, 2007



I'm 47 with two girls, ages 7 and almost 10. The baby and toddler phase was tough. It is hard to feel sexy when you are sleep-deprived and overwhelmed. I have to say though, that having had kids, I now feel "sexier" than ever. Sure my body sags and droops in places that it never did before. but "sexy" comes from within. The power of being a woman, of being able to bear children adds a confidence and dimension to "sexy" that I never had in my 20's.


Oh do I hear you sister! I am still relatively young with two children under five. It is hard to feel sexy when you are cleaning and running around like a mad woman. I have recently started to grab some me time and get back to yoga and reading- two things I love almost as dearly as my children. I agree also about the sexy lingerie- it helps a little to have the post breast feeding girls back to their perky state. All I need now is the perfect pair of jeans that fit me well and I will be good to go!

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