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September 12, 2007



Now this is an interesting topic! I work in the Hitech Corporate industry and not many folks care too much about fashion. We have a relaxed dress code so we can wear denim, but most folks wear generic brand clothing and tennis shoes. In general I think for some it is a matter of priority...they would rather have the latest computer gaget or game instead of spend the money on nice, fashionable clothing...and care/are motivated more about the computer stuff instead of fashion in general. I have to say that for me, Melange has helped me in my career because I feel better about myself and therefore do a better job at work. I would say it is important to be appropriate...but Melange clothing helps me to be fashionable and appropriate. I mean, I don't wear skin tight short dresses, way low cut items, or 5 inch heels. I have beautiful denim jeans that are dressy, lovely tops that are both flattering and provide good coverage, pretty coats and sweaters to top off. I guess there will always be some folks who are jealous of someone who is confident and proud of the way they look. And I have come across that in one department I was in. But, that just motivated me to change job roles. Now I'm in the Sales department and folks there are also confident in themselves and therefore are not threatened. And lots of them care more about their appearance and dress up more. Anyway, great topic!!!! S

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