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December 22, 2008


martha harvell

Oh dear...the closet looks organized with a items from the 60's and over consumption of bad taste or should I say someones taste. My idea is use what you have....in you undergarment draw fit baskets or bins. One for bras, one for camis, and one for the panties..this may even take two dresser draws. Shoes can be kept in their boxes with a poloroid picture on the end...then you know whats in there..clothes can be organized on the rack..pants, skirts, shirts and coats. Oh I forgot sweaters and tees and be folded neatly in the draw. Scarfs in one bin and belts in the other. Fine jewelry should be in a safe and costume jewelry can be put in a jewelers cloth and rolled. All out of season clothes can be put in plastic tubs with snap lids and labeled. Yes, we would all love to have a room filled with our disposable income items but in reality??? Organization on a budget and years of retail..the above works.Also keep in mind that donating clothing or shoes or whatever is greatly appreciated by organizations like womanspace. If you haven't worn the items in six months..give it Away. Feng Shui the closet and lighten or should I say enlighten your life.

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