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December 29, 2008



Love the resolutions!! Your resolutions are already inspiring me!! And boy do I have some big ones for this year. I seem to have the same goal every year, but heck, I'll try again this year....reduce my unsecured debt!! This will require some major curtailing of the clothing purchases, but if I do it right, I don't think I'll miss anything!! Here are the rules; stick to what works, stay away from real trendy stuff, buy only what fits, stick to the basics. I'm sure that Melange will keep me well covered, as always!! Now, let me attack Lv's list and see how I'm doing so far....

Hair: I do have greys coming in, but I think I'll still be able to go with my natural color for a while yet. That saves money, and have you noticed, even the stars are showing grey these days!! Natural is in!! I make sure I have a good cut though....every 5-6 weeks. For shine you can't beat the Burts Bees grapefruit & Sugar beet shampoo and conditioner. Lasts a long time and costs around $8 per bottle. The one product I do splurge on is mousse. My hairdresser turned me on to this one called Wella SP Supermousse. It is awesome, gives you shine and control without that "too much product" look.

Skin and Nails: ok, I've been doing my own manis and pedis all this past year. I started it when my husband was unemployeed, but now even though he is working again, I'm still doing my nails. It gives me more money to spend on clothes!! I get a little lazy with the pedi during the winter...but who doesn't!?! Skin, well, I looked at the Clarisonic skincare brush on Sephora. Then, I decided that my organic cotton washclothes that I scrub my face with everyday probably do just as good a job. So, I'll invest in a few more washclothes and call it good. I do love the makeup on the Sephora site though!! But, again, just stick with the basics and I should be ok. My two new favorites are the Smashbox O-Gloss and the Lauren Mercer tinted moisturizer.

Body: I started running again this past summer and I've stuck with it. Now, I only run 1-2 days per week. And sometimes when I take the dogs, it is more like a fast walk. But, that little bit of cardio and at least 1 day of yoga per week and I'm feeling much more toned and centered too!! So, need to stick with it! Now, if I could just stop drinking so much beer, I'd be in great shape. But, giving up the beer is really hard, so maybe not yet :).

Closet: Already did another purge and Buffalo Exchange loves me!! But, really, this year, I need to only buy the things I'll wear a lot!! I did better this past year, but still need more improvement. Thanks to Melange, I've learned the designers that fit and that I wear the most, so I'll try and stick to those!! To name a few, Seven for all mankind, citizens (love the new Tall jeans), james perse, hardtail, Michael stars.

martha harvell

Number 1 rule..get a gooood haircut and that is really hard to do. I rarely see people that have a great cut...if it is great it goes several months. Most folks just settle and think they look fine...My Kevin in Portland also thinks that finding someone to do a good cut is difficult. Number 2...get someone to do a good facial and you will usually find the products they use are affordable...get someone who is intelligent and understands the body(skin is the largest organ}. Someone who undestands the products they promote and why. Number 3...clothes are moving art... fabric, texture and movement are wonderful...so every pair of pants you own do not have to be jeans!!! Number 4...eat what your body needs and remember that 60-80% of your immune activity is in the gut. Find what works for you and despite comments from everyone..forgage ahead. Quantum physics is wonderful and it really reduces stress and silly perceptions..
Happy New 2009...MH

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