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January 23, 2009



I love this idea! I want to do it. How did your husband do it. Just a regular keyboard on the eliptical and some kind of a long cord to connect to the main computer and another cord to connect the tv and the computer? Can you post a picture of what it looks like? perfect idea.

Lauren Visconsi

I'll see if I can snap some pictures so you can see first hand! Basically he just took a board (about the width of the keyboard) and cut it so that it lays across the handlebars--covers about 1/2 the handlebars on our machine). Then he took the wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse and it lays on the board (he also wired the board onto the handlebars so it would not move). The computer is a laptop that is connected straight to the t.v.via this cord that looks like a USB, but wider-wasn't hard to do, there were directions on the internet I guess (and since our laptop has wireless internet, the internet is streamed onto the t.v.--you see the computer just like you would if your t.v. was a monitor). It is awesome because then I can just use the keyboard and mouse, log onto the internet and pull up netflix.com, which has "instant" downloads--so I can watch 30Rock and tons of other stuff while I'm exercising.

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