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June 06, 2012


Britt Stromberg

Lovely post, Lauren! I just turned 40 and couldn't agree more about your 3 points. I came to that conclusion recently as I try to focus my clothing budget on items that I'll have for a long time and that make me feel confident. A healthy body image and the right silhouette are imperative!

I really love how you use your blog to talk about fashion as a lifestyle, and am constantly inspired by your clothes, boutique and advice.



I love you Diane! You are so awesome...I wish everyone knew you :-). The thing is people , when Diane says something, it just has to be true because, 1) she is one of the most positive, and happy people I know, and I've known her for something like 10 years. 2) she always looks darling, always. So that's that....she speaks words of wisdom people, pure wisdom!! oxox Lauren


Thank you ladies, you both made my day! xoxo Diane:)

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